Wash, Use & Care

Wash Instructions

  • Hand wash to preserve longevity of fabric and avoid damage to nose piece
  • Hand or lay flat with pleats refolded to dry. Do not bend nose piece flat.

Use Instructions

  • To put your mask on:
    • Place your fingers in the ear loops on each side of the mask.
    • Place the mask under your chin and pull the ear loops over your ears. (At this point, the mask should be resting under your chin).
    • With each hand, grab the top and bottom of the mask in the middle. Unfold the pleats and expand the mask by pulling the middle of the mask apart from the top and bottom.
    • Position the mask on your face as desired with the nose strip on your nose.
    • The fashionable fabric should be on the outside, and the aluminum nose strip should be on the top.
  • Nose Strip
    • When you first get your mask, the aluminum nose strip will be flat.
    • To form the nose strip, place the mask on your face and position it how you would like to wear it. With each hand at the same time, bend the strip across the bridge of your nose.  Reverse bend the ends of the metal strips where your nose transitions to your face.  Gently press the nose piece against your face to form the tightness of fit you desire.
    • Try to bend and form the metal nose strip to your nose only one time. Multiple bends or misuse will cause the nose piece to break.  Broken nose pieces are not covered by warranty.  Our masks are proven to last for a long time with proper care and storage.

Care Instructions

  • Wash and Dry
    • Hand wash
    • Lay flat to dry
  • Iron
    • Iron from the back side of the mask only.
    • Take care to NOT iron the elastics.
  • Storage
    • Store your mask in a safe place to avoid damage and soiling
    • Do not store your mask in areas where the nose piece could be crushed.
  • Follow current recommendations from applicable health authorities for changing, washing and sterilizing your mask