Mask Lanyards

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Add a strap to your kids’ masks or your mask to help it fit better, look cute, and stay off dirty surfaces.

Lanyards are suitable for children, teenagers, and adults. Great for going to school, office, shopping, dining restaurants, sports or medical facilities, etc.
Lanyard will keep your face mask securely around your neck when not in use.
*Works with both reusable and disposable masks.
*Length: Approximately 21-22 inches (when both ends are closed)
23-24 inches (before snapping buttons)
Width : 0.5 inch - 1.0 inch ribbons
(Measurements might vary slightly as each lanyard is made by hand)

Washing instructions: hand wash & air dry. As with our masks, we do recommend hand washing however, a delicate cycle machine wash will also work well. 

*Snap colours are subject to change. We try to use the best colour to match the ribbon.

*Face Mask Lanyards are a Choking Hazard! They contain small parts that could come loose and pose a choking hazard for infants or young children. They are not intended for use in children under 3 years of age.

*Face Mask Lanyards are a Strangulation Hazard! If misused, they could become tangled around the user's neck and cause strangulation. Ensure lanyards are used in the way intended to prevent accidents!